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Oak Farm Junior School has a well-established language learning ethos in place. Besides the obvious benefits of speaking another language in our increasingly global society, we believe that learning another language makes pupils’ minds stronger and more flexible.

All pupils from Year 3 to Year 6 have a French lesson every week, taught by a specialist French teacher. Lessons contain a combination of all of the four essential skills: speaking, listening, reading and writing. Most lessons include elements of phonics, grammar, authentic resources (including songs and stories) and role-play. French lessons are often linked to other areas of the curriculum. As pupils progress throughout the school, the emphasis on written work develops. However, oral communication remains paramount. By exploring the way the French language works, pupils develop their knowledge and appreciation of languages in general. We strive to ensure that pupils develop their language learning strategies, in hope that pupils will leave Oak Farm Junior School feeling enthusiastic and well-equipped to take on whichever foreign language they have the opportunity to learn at secondary school and beyond.

As fluency and spontaneity feature in the Programmes of Study, our use of the target language in lessons increases as pupils progress throughout the school, with some units of our Scheme of Work employing the CLIL approach (Content and Language Integrated Learning). For example, pupils learn about events in France during World War 2 through lessons taught mainly in French. Here is an overview of the 2017-2018 French planning:






Bon appétit !


Bonjour Grand Monstre Vert !

(Hello Big Green Monster!)


Allons dans la jungle !

(Let’s go to the jungle!)



Allons en France !

(Let’s go to France!)


Les Grands Livres Français

(Great French Books)


La Terre

(The Earth)



La Petite Goutte de Pluie

(The Little Raindrop)


Le Camp du Drap d’Or

(The Field of the Cloth of Gold)


Les Forêts Tropicales




Qui est-ce ?

(Guess who?)


La France pendant la Seconde Guerre Mondiale

(France during the Second World War)


Les gens et les endroits extraordinaires

(Amazing people and places)


Our Partner School in France Pupils enrich their intercultural awareness with regular access to authentic Francophone resources. This is aided hugely by the long-standing link we have with our partner school, École Frédéric Joliot Curie, in Achères, France. This involves exchanging letters, work, videos and, more recently, school-to-school residential visits. Read our partnership timeline below:

french french french

Useful websites you can use at home to practise French
Euro Club Schools
BBC Languages
BabelZone (Pupils can see Miss Renaudon for the school’s username and password)

Our love of languages!
At Oak Farm Junior School, we like to celebrate all languages, not only French! As well as our weekly after-school French Club, we currently run a Spanish Club and a Japanese Club for some pupils, led by one of our parents. We also encourage pupils to share their home languages with their class regularly and we hold an annual celebration of languages. Most recently, we celebrated International Mother Language Day with our special ‘Multilingual Story Day’. This proved to be a special celebration of storytelling and, more importantly, of the 35 languages we have within our school! We were very pleased to have sixteen parents joining us for this event, by coming into school and reading a story to a class (or several classes!)

french french french french