Welcome to the Junior Breakfast Club - By Pabulum
Our doors open at 7.30am so please do not arrive beforehand as we are unable to accommodate children before this time. We would ask that you do not leave your child/ren unattended in Windsor Avenue please. For their safety it is essential you remain with them until they have entered the school grounds at the very least, but the main reception would be preferable as the staff are then aware of their presence.

Breakfast is served between 7.30-8.29am
Our menu consists of toast & cereal with fruit squash or milk. Children are allowed to help themselves but they are asked not to be greedy or wasteful. At the Junior Breakfast Club we like to promote a healthy approach to food. Therefore all varieties of cereals, except those containing nuts, are available. However, due to the high sugar content or cost of some types, we limit the days they can be eaten. Cheese on toast is offered on Mondays and eggs are available on Fridays. During the winter months hot chocolate is added to the menu and seasonal fruit is offered whenever possible. Please inform us of any special dietary requirements your child has, including allergies.

Club Activities
When the weather permits, children are allowed to play ball games in the playground until 8.30am when the gate is opened for the rest of the school. Inside the hall we try to keep things a little more sedate. There are many board games to play with as well as craft equipment. Mrs Stride & Ms Mitchell try to take a group of breakfast club children to the ICT suite once a week, where they can use the computers as they do in lessons.

Booking Places
All parents are asked to read and sign the Junior Breakfast Club Terms and Conditions Agreement before we can accept your child/ren. This agreement is valid for the entire academic year and therefore only needs to be completed the once. We do prefer places to be booked at least 24 hours in advance and this can be done by completing a booking form available from Reception, directly with Club staff after 8.45am in the Dining Hall or from the links below. Should you need to cancel a booking it is essential you let Pabulum know as soon as possible or you will be charged for the missed session. 24 hours notice is preferred but we realise this is not always possible, so cancellations will be accepted by telephone on the same morning before 8am. Call to the club can only be taken 7.30-8.45am using option 3. If you have any queries please feel free to discuss them with Mrs Stride or Ms Mitchell. We look forward to welcoming your child to The Junior Breakfast Club.

Breakfast Club Booking Form
Breakfast Club Menu