Lunch arrangements

*Jacket potatoes are available everyday with a variety of toppings.

Apr 19 to Oct 19 Menu

A midday meal will be provided by the catering firm Pabulum. Parents have the option of providing a packed lunch for their own children. The cost of a school meal is £2.05.

Parents send in dinner money, in a clearly marked envelope with their child's name and class, to Pabulum our caterers. Parents wishing to apply for free school meals should obtain and complete the appropriate form. The School Administrative Assistant has a supply. Further information about free meals (and other assistance) is available from the Adminstrative Assistant or see the attached documents below.

Packed lunches are served in the new dining hall. During the summer term the children are allowed, weather permitting, to use the school field and picnic facilities in the school grounds to eat their packed lunches and, when available, "pick and mix" school meals.

Supervision is by a teacher and the S.M.S.A.s and covers both the hall and the playground. In wet weather children are supervised in the classrooms. No pupil may leave the premises during the lunch-time without the Headteacher's permission.