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Friday 22nd June: Race 4 Life event. Please send in donations or donate online (see Twitter for more info). Many thanks!

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Members of FoOF
Mrs Frances Johns

Vice Chair:
Mrs Lorraine Wilson

Mrs Madhu Kumar

Mrs Donna White

Parent Representatives:
Louise Rooney
Karen Judge
Louise Thompson
Silvia Alves
Sara Cavinagh
Natalie Councell
Caz Thomas
Charan Coulby
Tina Austin
Astrid Richards
Amanda Griffiths
Melanie Butcher
Sally Rai
Hayleigh Barter
Rachel Ciftci
Marie Bennett
Amanda Saphir
Tracey Hayes

Staff Representatives:
Mrs D Nicol

Co Opted Members:
Karen Sheehy

Honorary Presidents:
Mrs C Shasha - Headteacher of Infants
Mr A Mills - Headteacher of Juniors

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