The new Computing Curriculum will equip pupils with the skills required to use computational thinking and creativity, to understand and change the world. The curriculum will give the opportunity to apply their I.C.T. skills, knowledge and understanding with maths, science and design technology. The Computing curriculum will ensure that pupils are taught the principles of computer science and are able to become digitally literate.

The children will be involved in designing, writing and debugging programs to accomplish specific goals. They will work with different variables and forms of input and output. Furthermore they will be taught to understand and explain how algorithms work, so as to correct errors in programs.

The children will use the school's internet, to utilise the opportunities they offer for communication and collaboration. They will select and use a variety of software to collect, analyse, evaluate and present data and information. In addition, they will be taught to use technology safely and responsibly.

The children also have the opportunity to communicate and learn through a Managed Learning Environment (Fronter). This online resource can also be accessed by parents.

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